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TimeOff - Personal view

The planner will show holiday and any other absences over the current year. There are arrows to move between years.

The lower part of the screen will show a summary of your holiday entitlement and a list of requests made with their approval status.

My overview

To book leave use the Book time off button at the top of the screen.

This will show an additional screen where you can select the leave type, enter the start and end date and time of leave, if it is part of a day and the reason.

On using the Save button this request will be sent to your line manager for approval.

Until confirmation the time will show as diagonal lines on the planner. Once approved it will be marked in colour on the planner.

Book time off

If you have had time off for illness, use the Book time off button.

Select the Sick leave type, use the dropdown to notify your manager if you have a fitness for work form from your GP.

Enter the dates and times of your absence and the reason.

Use the Save button to send this to your line manager.

Notify sick leave

If there are any validation issues with your request you will be notified on screen by messages such as the one below.

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